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November 15th and 16th 

Sat. & Sunday night

5:00 PM 

Gladys Waddingham Theatre Hall in back of Inglewood Public Library  
101 W. Manchester Ave. 
Inglewood Ca 90301 

(Theatre parking in back of Inglewood Library entrance)

Advance Ticket Sales  $25.00   
At The Door                 $35.00   

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About The Root of the Soul:




Ms Malone. Please know your delivery in your deeply soul-stirring one woman show profoundly nurtures,  nourishes, heals, elevates and renews the spirit. I was touched in a multitude of ways that drew joy, tears, intrigue, empathy, laughter, & yearning for more.

You so skillfully crafted the many characters you brought to life in your outstanding portrayal of youth and progressive agedness in real community. The scope, range, depth, width & breadth of delivery from the story itself & to your timing, acting, vocals, humor, multiple roles & words all combined to stroke and move our emotions,  expand our faith, impact our gratitude...from inside out, sole to soul, root to fruit.

I thank you immensely for stepping out, stepping up & allowing us to step into the invisible world that binds us all. Thank you for showing us how to live together & thrive through sameness & difference.  I express only the tip of the iceberg, as your work for me, spans the sunrise, the sunset,  the horizon &  celestial covering, while you guide us on an inward journey of peace. I remain your raving fan, anxious for more...full from the root of my soul. ;)


Born Toni Wynell Smith,   Toni Malone is the epitome of a diva from her successes as a songwriter in the 1980s to an internationally acclaimed singer, author and performer today, she has always exuded strength, courage, grace and enormous talent.  Toni was encouraged at an early age with the joy and support she received singing in her father’s local community church as she still does today.
Her songs range from Gospel to R&B to POP.


While Toni brings a delightfully powerful voice to fans in song, she also is the writer of over one hundred fifty plus songs including the hit “To Forgive is to Forget” sang by Phillip Bailey and Dionne Warwick.  Toni has performed on stage with artist such as, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estevan, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Neal Diamond, Billy Preston, Barry White, The Whispers, and more, Toni delights her audience with a dazzling stage presence and has traveled to almost every country in the world.





Toni has also gained recognition through various theater, television, movie productions such as “The Apollo Theater”, “The Gospel Truth”, “Fame,” “The Beat Goes On”, H.B. Barnum Life Choir and Orchestra, “The African American”, “Smokey Joe’s Café”, “Hollywood P.O.”,  “You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down”, “Voices”, “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”, “Harlem Gospel Choir”, “Dream Girls”,  “Stella Awards”, “Big Break”, and “The Buddy Holly Story”. To her most recent credit, Toni has just concluded performances in the broadway play "Hats" in Las Vegas. You can catch Toni performing at Disneyland as "Queenie"


Toni is a hard-working performer who always maintains an active tour schedule. Yet despite her hectic schedule she never forgets her roots in which she teaches acting and singing every summer with the City of Inglewood Theatre Project as represented by her song “I am Inglewood” accepted by the city of Inglewood, California as its city anthem

 These qualities   have won her undying loyalty from divas, fans worldwide, and many professional accolades and awards.


In addition to singing Toni has written, produced and performed several one-woman show productions, which showcases her vocal range and entertaining spirit such as;

   “It’s All About Love” - a love story performed in concert with song and conversation. She has given a new meaning to the term love story and captures your attention with a style of her own. This musical love journey keeps your toes tapping, hands clapping, and sends your spirit soaring with excitement. “It’s All About Love” has been performed to sold-out audiences within the Greater Los Angeles area and on the Radisson Seven Seas Cruise

  “Voices of the Past Series”-a nostalgic series of short plays which portrays redemptions of African-American Notable women in U.S. History such as; Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks and Madame C.J. Walker and pictured Harriet Tubman just to name a few.

Toni is proud to announce the release of her 1st Gospel CD entitled “TONI MALONE and FAMILY” which is available online.

 Click to Listen to Toni's CD

Toni is a hard working professional but a lady first, doing her utmost to become the best in the entertainment business. Toni views her profession as business as well as pleasure and strives toward pleasing her audience with enthusiasm. She is a very ambitious young lady, who believes in herself and enjoys making people happy with her music. She says, “If her God given musical and singing ability can make others happy, she is filled with a joy unmatched by material things”.


This is Toni Malone, "The Lady Of Song"



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